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This has been and it is the current info sitevenue on the artist's new album
Now this is the News section on the artist as well
Welcome to the Rainbow Era
(one of the albums of the 90s)
Mariah... the US Billboard Artist of the Decade!
... "Against all odds"... was a nr.1 in Valnnad!
song also a nr.1 featuring the band Westlife

Amazing collaboration news: Mariah has written a song along with James Horner and is sung by Faith Hill who co-produced it as well!
it is a movie single featured on Dr. Seuss'... starring Jim Carrey!
in previous album ("Rainbow"), Mariah teams up with Janet Jackson's Elite producers Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis!
And together with James Wright, from the same Flyte Time Productions, Inc.
songs like
... "Bliss"...
(this is by far the most impressive track on the album where she explores her miraculous octaves to the full of their range;
she also sings at about that height of the range for the first time ever one small line... that for sure was not easy!)

... "Petals"...
(this is not just "Till the end of time" revisited, it's a melodic track;
a spring in any winter season and a calming adventure through any rich and rainy venture)

... "Thank God I found You"...
(this is a duet with 98 Degress, a slow-mo depiction of love and respect and everything you live for,
leading vocals from 98Degrees by Joe)


... "Rainbow"...
(this is one of the theme songs of the album; title says it all...
Mariah knows writing from scribbling when nature knows no boundaries;
Although, when you're given a chance to distinct between phenomoenons in the nature,
a writer is the only one who can sing
its unique pitoresque capital through a number of beautiful melodies)

well, songs like these are simply, purely and undeniably
excellent masterpieces in our times!
And you thought you heard it all but it doesn't stop here:

... "Can't take that away"...

composed by Diane Warren


... "After tonight"...

composed by Diane Warren and David Foster

... "How much"...
... "X-Girlfriend"...
... "Did I do that"...
... "Crybaby"...
... "Heartbreaker"...

And the covering of the classic:
... "Against all odds"...
written and composed by Phil Collins

background vocals by Trey Lorenz and Nicki Richards
exclusive outakes from Tupac Shakur
rapping from Jay Z, Jermaine Dupri, Missy Eliott
and Snoop Dogg and many others

well, this album is a completion of Mariah,
namely cool meeting versatile, freedom versus exploration
escapades covering lots and lots of esplanades!

has written/co-written all tracks on the album!
(except Phil's "Against all odds")

... There is a Forum, a message board where you can find out about the new hits,
also unreleased material in another country and not available in yours.
to reach the forum,
and to suggest new songs
or interract with others or ask questions about new album or songs
click right here

Latest News oDecember 2o this site has been updated! :-)
Mariah is the US Billboard Artist of the Decade!
(award presented by Patti LaBelle)
-after "Heartbreaker", the next single to be released is the duet with 98 Degrees!

Past news include: Mariah and Whitney Houston entered the Oscar Awards history by interpreting the song "When you believe"
- which is now an Oscar winning song - words and music by Stephen Schwartz

Performance+interview from Tapis Rouge®
- A single out from #1's album was "I still believe" - a cover of Brenda K Starr's song (to whom Mariah has sung background to)
it's a beautiful classic kind of ballade and Mariah gives it full credit.
Also: Mariah had a Nr.1 song - "Just be good to me" - it is a special one that you are likely to hear only at her concerts. It's got an easily catchy
rhythm; the song is about relationships in which you don't care how he/she treated someone else, yet you are concerned about how you are treated by your lover.
This song is exclusive and it's not in any chart but in personal "Valnnad"

Previous news... A recent Nr.1 in personal Valnnad charts... Whenever you call and same song featuring Brian McKnight was as well a nr1
......Mariah was the receiver of the Legend Award at The World Music Awards for Best Selling Artist of the decade
this is just the start, although early on this decade to be decided, but Mariah Carey, who has tiredlessly put out a new album virtually each year is the Singer of The 90's.
..........Mariah is to star in a new Disney production movie called "All That Glitters"... new are it will be much like "The Bodyguard" (Whitney Houston's movie from a few years back).....
................and... also a duet with Whitney Houston is to be expected this October entitled "When You Believe"!!!


More news courtesy of her chosen website flower at @-}--Ellipsiis--{-@


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