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Da Shouts

Gosh! Do I need to update this or what? I've been away and if you visit just remember that I keep you in my
mind for always!!! Never forget you!

(Hey, this reminds me of the disco era... u know... Respects, Shouts... Marusha would be proud:o)
(Oh, DANCE... Yeah, I mentioned it again...:o)


Woman of Love

You are an Inspiration, thanks for being with us... the flight gets lonely sometimes:)



Cupie... Cupid of friendship... Nice to chat with you now and then...I miss you!!... I'll be there soon!
... ((((BIG HUGGIES))))... ugh, whoever started that... works for us:o)
Jamie... It was wonderful to find you in Miss Janet... We can always chat...
... Hope you are having the best time right next to Disneyworld!!!..:))))



It was you the one who sent me the ((((BIG HUG)))) guy over here... It's you I thank:o)
Oh, and talk a while... whenever... I'll listen no matter how long the msg will be:o)



Happy 25!!!
... come to think of it, you're older by a year, you are 25!!! LOL



"Don't Block Da Message"... yeah applies to you, too
... whatever love you give it will strike back:o)
I see you already received... but that's how I met you, anyway:)



Thanks for your help
Your page got the most links
Where info's due... Info's paid:o)



Thanks for the Teckno
Respects, Girl... You beat Da Boyz!!!:)))
Comin' at ya someday...


Glad I dropped by your homepage! Hey it's real fun>>
So, wish to talk you more sometimes, ya know:)
Respect, friend (in Club terms)



always remember you have one Netscape window open!!

Search what's left to see in there...
Oh, You can find me in The Tonight Show Kids Site