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Mariah Carey is a pretty little demanding person;
behind a pretty voice stands a pretty firm indivituality,
one that's also characterized through
caring, through devotion in her field
and through a combination of her natural fun and her achievements.

And through to that day in 1992 (when her second album "Emotions" was released,
and true to these days in 1997 (when her newest album "Honey" is released)
and beyond 1998 (she's expected to start touring from late winter or early spring)
in the words of YM...
... this is what the magazine had to say...

"When Mariah Carey opens her mouth, people listen.
And we got her to stop singing and start talking about what it's realy like to grow up as an ugly duckling, with so-so grades, a broken home and a big dream. Here, in an exclusive interview, Mariah confesses all.

The magazine goes on quoting Mariah, in their conversation, which by the way they discovered that she's a pretty easy person they could make conversation with (here is an illustration of what I saw in her regarding this fact)...

"... It doesn't mean that you're talented. I just live my life day to day and I'm thankful every single day for what I have. I really don't have the time to go out that much and experience how well-known I am. Or shop or read or do much of anything besides make music, and part of the reason for that, she says, is because she drives herself. "Most people put out a debut album, then they have time to sit back and they don't put out another album soon. But I forced myself to do that, and so i was really hectically recording and writing [she writes all of her own lyrics and colaborates on some of the melodies] and the minute it was done, I was out promoting it and doing stuff like that."

She likes to write and she adores singing,
she's also very much meddling in the current of the year's newest music style,
to think about it, she would don almost any music style,
but with her personality matching the colors of that particular music style dress
or that respective melodic genre caress.

... Let Mariah, through YM, tell you about herself...

"Chances are, nobody in school that day late fall at Long Island, NY's Harborfields High School knew what to expect when that stretch limousine pulled up in front. The girl in that limo obviously didn't know what to expect either."

"Where do you see yourself going?", this was a question from a YM reader as she answered some of them on the interview...

"I want to make music that I can be proud of, as an artist, as a producer and as a musician. Having hits isn't always the most important thing.", she answered.

Here is another question, not appearing in the above pictures
but was mentioned by another reader and YM asked her about it:

"What is the highest note you can sing?

"I don't know, I've never measured it. I'm always experimenting. My mom gets scared, being a trained opera singer, she'll be like, "You can't be hitting that, it's off the piano!" She goes crazy, because she's a traditionalist."

Copyrighted © 1992 by YM
Thanks to Taryn ® for the availability of the magazine

Mariah recently has appeared in the Eve magazine, and there is a nice article about her caring devotion, her image personality as now and how she grew up and how she's giving back right now to the poor children communites.

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