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A web site initially brought to you by singer-songwriter, novelist Damsi

... but true
This is the Mariah Inspiration Deck...
a first and unique literary look at Mariah's music

click to hear Christina Aguilera being inspired by Mariah
New!! and this is a special dedication website to Christina! :-)New!!

In 1990 she was the girl next door... with a `Vision of Love`... a musical vision
and a passionate friendship...

Then, envisioned became her knot, notch after notch... up was her way.

And, as time went on, she's never left herself out in the fire but in smoldering she sent herself to the hilt...
She's now a beacon by night, a star by day.

Her heart is worth an infinite ascendancy of roses... weav'n'(incessan')tendency to lean inside her voice is just an octave away if you touch unto it.

Mariah is currently continuing the friendship with everyone
She's a darling... She's a Honey... in a Rainbow Era!

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Please Enter The Principality

(animation of her doing the butterfly included!)

All that Music that Moves you!

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