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Review It Poetic

She's been

on the scene

for just over 3 decades,

And, within,

2 decades and a half

she's been the singer, the actress,

and the entertainer smooth.

There has strung Rock,

that's from the era that Valnnad has started,
see her Nr1s throughout the personal chart

There was Control,

There was an Escapade,

There has chanced a Film,

that's when connection from her early career came about,


She is always up front in putting up a show

She's a talent... She's smiling... She's a friend...

The thing about her is that she likes having fun in whatever she does, wherever she goes, and it is her wide smile that's so full of joy that she strikes as a great friendly human being.

Another thing is bound to her friendship and to her fun element... the Escapade is where she's In... The Dance - - this is a world wide extravaganza and this is where she's in her element...
My first ever encounter with Janet
was in
"What have you done for me lately"
then, there was
and most recently

She knows how to

wheel it in
reel it out

and that is with a dance beat to it all.

There is one more thing:

The Love

Each and every line has an impact on you if you hear it

... Close in... Deepen in... Read into it...

You'll feel

The Rhythm

This is a part of her life
It is a part of any family,
It is a part of you.


always remember you have one Netscape window open!!

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