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... A land where a window is open for us to hear the nature's trills, voice trills, a place where you feel you're being surrounded by spells of thrills...
... A land where DoDo is a smooth slide inside the current of any song, a cool treat where a rhyme is welcomed and where rhythm is the absolute motion...

DoDo is kind of a cool singing that Mariah Carey fine-signs as she sings with so much fun bedazzling us with a smooth rhythm, a rhythm that was being felt in "Always Be My Baby" by everyone who heard that song.
DoDoLand is sort of a "territory" that Jon and Lucie have come up with, as inspired from Mariah's song.
DoDoRhyme... well, that's me... writer
DoDoKing... that's Jon... the initiator
DoDoQueen... that's Lucie... singer.

DoDoLand has an IRC channel on Undernet called #dodoland.

The other members who occasionally drob by are: IdaDoDo

Some of the current words in the DoDoLand vocabulary: dodo = cool.......... coolkewlcoolio = extreme joy.........

The Children Webcipality
The Webcipality vocabulary