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1996 Olympic Silver Medalist in Atlanta, USA

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1997 European Silver Medalist in Sevillia, Espana

Currently (1998) in the World Diving board championships in Perth, Australia she finished 6th

Annika Walter
Diving Athlete


She trains in Rostock, Germany, currently specializing in 10 Meters diving board. When she started in diving at age17 she used to train with the senior squad. Former East Germany was a power to reckon with in athletics and in swimming as well...... Annika is a talented and very comitted diving athlete. She started in gymnastics when she was just 6 years old and continued until she was around 13-15. She used to be in the national team of gymnastics. Her ambitious career placed her in the middle of other hobbies and interests... like tumbling.

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She met international regognition in the last Olympic Games in Atlanta where she won the silver medal. In whichever compatetion she's in she never seizes to attempt her best. She has been Nr1 in Junior competions... Indoors and Outdoors.

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